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Winter Shelter Program
* put on hiatus due to COVID

Every year the Winter Shelter runs from December to March.

The Coalition contacts and arranges for the different church sites for a two-week stay and transports the clients to each site. It coordinates the thousands of volunteers who provide food, clothing, hygiene kits, soap, and towels for the showers and other supplies.


    2019-20 the Winter Shelter achieved:

  • 17,205 bus ride to the shelters

  • 17,205 beds put up (185 per night average) over 93 days

  • Donated clothes and showers offered daily

  • 51,615 Breakfast, dinner and bagged lunches served

  • 957 Male participants and 436 Female Participants (unduplicated)

  • Azusa Pacific University’s homeless outreach program medical served 327 patients

  • 11 patients were sent to the Emergency room, 19 Flu Tests, 16 TB Tests, 91 referrals written.

  • TCMF Mobile Clinic dental free services was there for 8 nights, and helped 89 individual patients

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